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We are a team of talanted developers making digital platforms



Developing cloud-based scalable web platforms using the cutting edge technologies of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and quantum computing.


Delivering high-impact digital products to the end-users and the enterprise.


Mustafa Qamar-ud-Din


Machine Learning Engineer, 10+ years of experience, Java and Python

Eman Mohammed


Backend Engineer, 10+ years of experience, Java and PHP.

Our Services

We are ready to help you with data analytics, big data, and ETL/ELT pipelines.

  • # Elasticsearch

    We will help you deploy scalable Elasticsearch clusters including Kibana insightful visualizations and dashboard. Ingest data with logstash pipelines using enrich transformations to process the data on the fly. We will help you with the cluster maintenance and setup alerts and notifications for cluster warning status.

  • We will help you develop distributed in-memory data processing using Apache Spark at scale. We develop, deploy, and maintain the Spark cluster using technologies such as Kubernetes, Spark Streaming and Spark ML.

  • We leverage big data pipelines using Kafka. We make use of KSQL to summarize data on the fly in the queues before it is ingested into either Elasticsearch or another NoSQL data repository. We connect Kafka queues to Spark Streaming for further processing and transformations.

  • We have rich experience in AWS cloud solutions architecture. We cover your needs when it comes to AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, AWS Kinesis, and many more AWS cloud services.



Online Courses

Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading Bots with Python

Introducing the study of machine learning and algorithmic trading for financial practitioners

Introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks using PyTorch

Introducting state of the art methods, recent techniques, and step-by-step hands-on projects

Beginning Arduino Uno Programming in C++

An introductory course intended for beginners and enthusiasts who are curious about how to





  • A Digital Platform for Connecting Scholars, Research Labs, Academic Conferences, and Research Projects Funding.
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  • A Digital Platform for Online Examinations and Assessments offering a unique user experience for universities, colleges, schools, and community teachers.
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Sheet Music Club

  • Interactive game to teach beginner musicians how to read music notations effectively while playing.
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