Our company

Who we are

mQuBits is a world-class software business solutions provider building web, mobile & enterprise portals. Our team of software engineers is weathered in using various technologies and techniques. We have hands-on expertise in algorithmic programming, data structures, machine learning, and Quantum Computing. We apply these expertises to a wide range of applications and industries.
Our Mission

Develope custom software solutions to help businesses realize their potentials and automate their processes using state of the art techniques, methodologies, sciences and technologies.

Our Vision

Become the leading software business solutions provider in the (Middle East & Africa) MEA based on the futuristic technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing.

Our Values

Collaboration, Innovation, The Best Software Team, The Best Customer Value, Customer First Solutions, Belief & Empathy

Our Strategy

Build Solutions for Humans, User Experience as easy as 1-2-3, Attract Best Engineers, One Stop Shop for Software Technical Technical Services & Leading Innovation

What we do?

We are a killed team of software professional and we use our passion to help businesses and enterprise cut their costs and increase their revenues by building custom software solutions ranging from web applications, mobile applications and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions. We use open-source technologies to empower businesses and industries. mQuBits strive to help businesses cut their software running costs through open-source technologies and avoid unnecessary super expensive licenses.

Board Team

mQuBits is a world-class software business solutions provider building web, mobile & enterprise portals. We are Striving to build a collaborative company culture, Investing in the skills of our Team members, Attracting talented Researchers and Software Engineers. We build elegant technical solutions for complex business problems. We combine managerial skills with technical skills to arrive at awesome results. We continuously build upon our knowledge and experience with endless training, learning and mentoring.

Mustafa Qamar-ud-Din

Co-Founder & CEO

Software Engineer with experience in various disciplines besides being a Coursera Mentor for 3 Stanford University Courses.

Eman Mohamed

Co-Founder & CTO

Software Engineer with experience in Agile Project Management, Web Applications, Desktop Applications, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions.

Team Members

Our network reaches to top talented designers, developers and testers that help us on full-time, part-time and flexible basis deliver our software products quickly. Join our team by sending your resume to [email protected]
computer vision engineer mqubits

Ahmed Al Bahnasawi

Senior Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Researcher

biomedical informatics

Ahmed Ali

Senior Bioinformatics Researcher

web developer egypt

Ahmed Abdul Baki

Web Developer

web developer egypt

Muhammed Marzouq

Web Developer & Software Engineer

web developer egypt

Mustafa Omran

Web Developer & Software Engineer

web developer egypt

Abdul Azeem Eid

Front-End Developer & Software Engineer

android developer egypt

Ahmed Mahgoub

Android Mobile Apps Developer & Software Engineer

ios apps developer egypt

Muhammed Kamal

iOS Mobile Apps Developer

developer egypt


Software Developer & Software Engineer

Customer Oriented Solutions

At mQuBits we build software for various purposes to help enterprises manage their human resources, financial records, production lines, workflow, supply chain, and manufacturing. We offer customer oriented products after a thorough analysis of customers interactions and behaviours using up to date User Experience (UX) tools and techniques. Moreover, we help building, developing and testing Customer Relations Management (CRM) modules to bring businesses closer to their customers. We build our solutions around our customers based on our agile programming approach.

Our Values

Solutions for Businesses

We are passionate to apply our technical skills to deliver software applications. We build custom software solutions to tackle challenges in commerce, finance, logistics, manufacturing, telco, agriculture. Our solutions help small businesses, startups, Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and enterprises with emphasis on performance tracking, predictive analytics, chat-bots, cyber security, and e-commerce. We're skilled in using modern technologies for web design, web development, mobile application development, native android apps, native iOS apps, and OpenERP (Odoo) technologies.