Profile of Chief Technical Officer

Eman Mohammed

Co-Founder & CTO
eman mohamed

Eman Mohammed is a Co-founder & the Chef Technical Officer (CTO) of mQuBits for Research & Development. She is a graduate of Computer Engineering at Cairo University.

She started her career into Software Development early in 2008. Ever since she has been a technical team member of high impact software projects. She has 9+ years of experience in developing and managing web and desktop applications in various areas of Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) solutions such as billing, payroll, accounting, inventory … etc.

Recently, she has registered for a Master Program in Quantum Computing at Cairo University. She believes Quantum Computing shall disrupt the industry of software development. Areas such as finance, security and automation shall be positively affected with better performance promised by Quantum Computing technology.

Eman believes in the vitality of education for women in rural areas. Hence, her first startup called “Creative Station” was aimed at self development for young women in rural areas of Upper Egypt.






  • Mohammed Abu Sharkh
    Eman has great work ethics and she delivers more than is expected keeping in mind quality. She is very structured, efficient and extremely competent. Her honesty and trustworthiness surpasses her peers. I firmly believe that any organization will benefit from such a great talent.
  • Muhammed Saudi
    Eman is really a good person to work with.She is committed, hard-worker and she can work with minimum management. We don't meet a lot of persons like this in the meantime.