Profile of Chief Executive Officer

Mustafa Qamar-ud-Din

Co-Founder & CEO
mqubits quantum computing startup egypt

Mustafa Qamar-ud-Din is a Co-founder & the Chef Executive Officer (CEO) of mQuBits for Research & Development. He is a graduate of Computer Science at Ain Shams University. He has a solid academic background in the area of Computational Complexity Theory, Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision.

He started his career into Software Development early in 2007. Ever since he has been a technical team member of high impact software projects. He has been a technical co-founder for a couple of technology startups in Egypt. Recently, he founded mQuBits to become the 1st software provider building solutions based on Quantum Computing technology.

In addition to being a mentor on Coursera – MOOCs Digital Platform – for courses given by Stanford Professors in Computer Science. Besides writing technical reviews on quarterly basis for Law Today Magazine.

He has been passionate about natural languages as much as programming languages. Hence, he is licensed in German, Korean & Spanish besides his mother-tongue Arabic and the de facto universal language – English.














  • Arun Kothamangalam
    Mustafa is a creative man ... an IT savvy ... very good in web programming like PHP; Java Script ... he is able to do work at timely manner ...
    Arun Kothamangalam
    Quesh Consultants Pte Ltd
  • Islam Magdy
    Mustafa is a a web developer I'd absolutely recommend to any serious web development firm, or client. He's that type of work holic that you only see in movies, really! You'll be very impressed of the work process and the results, his ability to fast learning is just as same as the ability of a leopard to run fast 😉
    Islam Magdy
  • Ahmed Jamal-ud-Din
    I Will keep this short and direct as it would take too much words to fully describe Mostafa He is a talented Web Developer filled with passion ,focus,determination and knowledge to get any task quickly and professionally. It is a pleasure to know him both personally and professionally!
  • Nermin Dahi
    Mostafa has excellent research skills, is an articulate communicator, thinks logically, develops creative solutions to complex problems and works well on a team.He is detail oriented and passionate about coding. He understands the value of testing and takes the time to test and retest before releasing to Quality team .
  • Muhammed Saudi
    Mostafa is an excellent web developer and software engineer. He is trustworthy, professional, expert in the field and knowledgeable. He has high sense of responsibility. I recommend him for any web development position.