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Online Travel Agency offering hotel booking, car renting, tourism packages and flight reservations through a digital platform.

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Egyptian Swedish Air-conditioning Company specializing in HVAC ( Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning ). Software for fan selection, motor selection, pressure drop calculations and fan curves plots with 3rd-party integrations via RESTful APIs.

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GOPRO is a technology solution provider offering comprehensive solutions serving segments such as business complexes, residential compounds and sport clubs through IoT integrations. The latest access control and access management systems powered by an extensible dashboard.

mqubits web developer cairo egypt

MartMax is a digital dropshipping platform bringing the world top brands to you in one place so that you can shop at any website Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress etc. MartMax will Buy, Ship & Deliver to your doorstep.

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Jewellery Exhibitions CMS & Online E-Commerse website for the famous Croatian jewellery designer. The features included social media integrations for items sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Software tools such as CSV importing, spreadsheets generators, image processing utilities were built in Java, Maven, Python and PHP. Maintenance and technical support were provided on-demand.

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Enterprise solutions featuring website, cms, news, training, projects .. etc. EPS is a consulting and engineering company established in 1982 specialized in Electric Power Systems & Information technology offering services expand locally and regional.


A Danish course management digital platform for registering courses online, managing attendees and content management.