The 1st Quantum Computing Research Lab. in the Middle East & Africa

mQuBits includes a Quantum Computing Research Lab. Our Lab. is the 1st Quantum Computing Lab. in the Middle East & Africa. We focus on prototyping software solutions based on recent breakthroughs in Quantum Computing made by IBM Q Cloud, Microsoft Q Station, Rigetti and D-Wave. Quantum Computing will shape the software of the future in unpredictable ways. The door is open to tons of applications in chemistry, post-quantum cryptography, quantum artificial intelligence and finance. Our research is primarily focused on utilizing quantum algorithms and enhancing them based on the hardware accessible on the cloud such as IBM Q. We shall be the first software house to offer Software Solutions based on Quantum Algorithms. We lead research in the following areas:

Post-Quantum Cryptography

McEliece Crypto-System,
Quantum Cyber Security

Quantum Finance

Quantum Blockchain, Quantum Cryptocurrency

Quantum Artificial Intelligence

Quantum Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Portfolio Optimization, Fast Trading Technology

Quantum Algorithms

Quantum Query Language (QQL),
Quantum Databases, Quantum Foureir Transform, Quantum Entanglement, Integer Refactoring, Quantum Search
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Researching Innovation , Ideating and Innovating
mqubits quantum computing startup2


Building Prototypes, Integrating Theories & Applications, Converting Research to Reality
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Developing Solutions, Productizing, Implementing, Packaging & Delivering Software Products

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